April 30, 2011

the dress {Kate Middleton's wedding dress}

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images
The dress, the moment I was waiting for (and I'm sure many others). The gown was designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, and for those expecting Runway well not happening. Tradition has to be kept and a classical style which was accomplished. Kate Middleton looked gorgeous! Within her expectations of appropriate style of dress, she nailed it. It is written that Kate worked closely with Sarah on the design process. The dress had some similarities with Grace Kelly's, a nice hybrid in my opinion. Loved the use of lace which is a traditional vintage classic look.
“The lace applique for the bodice and skirt was handmade by the Royal School of Needlework, with individual flowers hand-cut from lace (in shapes of roses, thistle, daffodils and shamrocks). The dress is made of ivory and white satin gazar with a skirt in the shape of an opening flower. The satin bodice, narrowed at the waist and padded at the hips in a McQueen signature, is based on Victorian corsetry. The back is finished with 58 gazar and organza covered buttons.
The veil, made of ivory silk tulle with a trim of hand-embroidered flowers, is held in place by a 1936 Cartier tiara, lent to Ms. Middleton by the Queen. (It was bought for her mother by the Duke of York and presented to Queen Elizabeth on her 18th birthday.) Ms. Middleton’s earrings—shaped like oak leaves with a pave set diamond acorn suspended in the center—are by Robinson Pelham. The shoes are also by McQueen.” (Clarence House release via style.com)
(image WENN.com)

What a happy beautiful couple! What did you think of the dress?

April 19, 2011

girls day out! {Dash Wedding event}

Girls day out! Brides-to-be in the Toronto area Dash Weddings is holding an event this May, Bridal Beauty & Makeover Event. Sounds like a fun day to meet other brides-to-be and share wedding planning ideas, meet vendors (still have to book several vendors for my big day), and score some vouchers which is included in your goodie bag. Means less leg work for me if all are under one roof. Leave the groom-to-be at home, you know he's probably just a bit tired of Wedding talk.
Your day out:
  • Delicious drinks , appetizers and desserts for you and your guests
  • A goody bag for each guest worth over $500!
  • Live hair and makeup transformations –
  • See how we create stunning brides first hand
  • Tips on how to lose 5 – 10lbs. for your wedding day
  • A one week menu plan to help you start eating your way thin!
  • $250 gift certificate from Dash Wedding Planning

For more info visit:
Dash Weddings & facebook

DASH WEDDING PLANNING Bridal Beauty & Wedding Makeover
WHEN Sunday May 29, 2011,  11am – 3pm WHERE Waterside Inn, 15 Stavebank Rd. South, Mississauga, ON 
COST Sale $39 (Reg. $59) OR purchase 4 tickets for just $140
(not affiliated with the above event, hopefully attending & passing along the information)

April 18, 2011

Bridesmaids, a new comedy in theaters soon

This May grab your bridesmaids or in my case close girlfriends and get yourselves to your nearest theatre to watch a new comedy, Bridesmaids.

Here's the cast of Bridesmaids in Harper's Bazaar May 2011 issue after a night of binge shopping. I'll take that Gucci outfit off Rose Bryne (2nd from left)...
(Photo credit: Anders Overgaard for Harper's Bazaar)
Doesn't the cast look fabulous?! Check out the rest of Harper's Bazaar fun fashion spread here.
What is on your fun fabulous plans-to-do list with your bridesmaids/friends?

April 13, 2011

driving around Mrs...{car booked}

Sticking with the vintage theme of the wedding, this 1957 Bentley is the perfect rental for my big day! Went to have a look this past weekend and it purrs like a kitten (ok maybe a cat), really beautiful white seats with original wood trim interiors. Originally these vintage cars were two-toned, in this case a cappuccino shade. A beautiful vintage car which makes a great prop for pictures.
Rental info for those in the Toronto area:
Be My Guest Livery

April 12, 2011

Maria Lucia Hohan: bridal gowns for the fashion lovers

For the fashion forward bride, Maria Lucia Hohan, aren't these dresses so pretty & feminine.

(images: mlh-shop.com)

Aruna Seth: Bonita Shoes

Aruna Seth just might be the chosen British bridal shoe designer for the upcoming Royal Wedding! Its just a rumour, but I for one would love a pair of Aruna Seth shoes. Look how pretty they are! I know I already purchased my bridal shoes, however, they were purchased before the dress. Let me just swoon over these shoes...

Aruna Seth shoes can be found at Powder Bride in Woodbride, ON
(images: Aruna Seth)

April 6, 2011

what will your Bridesmaids be wearing...mine, nothing!

What will your bridesmaid be wearing?
Not having any, just didn't want the added stress, wanted my friends to just enjoy themselves without the added "duties"...
hopefully I'll still get the help when needed;)

bridal beauty dept. {makeup artist Joy David-Tilberg}

After the dress, makeup is a bride's best friend! Finding the right makeup artist is key, try looking like your everyday self but better. Sometimes no matter how good you think you can apply makeup a little help goes along way.
For a little help,  I interviewed Joy David-Tilberg from The Joy of Makeup.  Joy is a certified freelance makeup artist in the Toronto area. She also is a beauty blogger like myself and that's how I met Joy a couple of years ago. Here she spills all her beauty bridal secrets. Take notes, as she reveals some of her beauty product favourites.
(1) Bridal makeup! How far in advance should a bride-to-be book a makeup artist for her wedding? What should she look for in a makeup artist.
In my opinion, I think brides should start researching makeup artists as soon as they start planning. This way you can compare work, prices, and really find the right one that fits your budget and style. For a good makeup artist who is well known in the wedding industry, I would book a trial no later than 6 months. A good makeup artist will get booked quickly. Otherwise, the latest I would recommend booking a trial is 3 months. If you're not happy there is still some time to find another artist. If you're absolutely sure about the artist and love his/her work, book no later than 1 month before your wedding. I've had some brides do that and even leave it a week before the wedding! Things to look for in a good artist: 

  • Referrals - Referrals are the best way to find a quality artist. The MUA's has been referred for a reason and usually means he/she does amazing work, are great to work with, and give amazing customer service. No one will refer a bad MUA. 
  • Experience and portfolio - make sure they have some current work they have done and have a variety to look at. Most MUA's have their work online now. You want someone that not only has experience in weddings, but professional photography as well. 
  • Style - Does the MUA's style compliment yours? If you're generally a natural gal, don't choose someone who does mostly avante garde work. Not to say that he/she can't do natural makeup, but it may not necessarily be their forte. 
  • Price - Makeup is just as important as the hairstyle. It completes the overall look, plus your face is what you'll see in all your photos so you want to make sure it looks good. A more experienced artist will charge a little more than someone who doesn't have that much experience. Prices range but I always say you get what you pay for. Find an artist that is within your budget rather than trying to bargain. Most artists aren't willing to budge on the price especially if it is their full-time job. I generally don't lower my prices unless it's someone I know really well. I've even recommended other MUA's to brides who couldn't afford my rates.

(2) On average, how much should a bride-to-be expect to pay? And consultations?
Again, prices range from artist to artist. For an experienced artist, brides-to-be should expect to spend on average a total of $150-$175 for the consultation and wedding day makeup for herself.

(3) How much time to you as a professional makeup artist need with the bride?
Timing for consultations can range. I always allot at least 2 hours for the trial in case the bride wants to try a 2nd look. On the wedding day, I like to dedicate 1 hour for the bride to ensure her look is flawless.

(4) Does a bride need to provide her own makeup? How about touch-ups later in the day? Essentials items in her Emergency Kit are:
Most or all MUA's have their own kit, but brides are more than welcome to ask the MUA's to use what's in their own makeup bag. A good MUA will assess what you have and make sure it truly works for you and will work on the wedding day. I do recommend that brides carry their own products for touch-ups during the day. Some MUA's will give the bride a complimentary lip colour. Emergency kit should include: 
  • Blotting papers or powders 
  • Lip products or multi-use products that you can use on your lips and cheeks for touch-ups
  • Mints
  • Q-tips in case for smudging and eye touch-ups
  • Small hand mirror
  • Kleenex especially if you're a crier!

(5) What are your bridal beauty must-haves? And any additional beauty bridal tips?
Bridal beauty must-haves: 

  • A good primer: Korres Vitamin E Primer for sensitive skin or dry skin, Make Up For Ever HD Primer for normal skin, and CARGO blu_ray HD Mattifier or CoverFX CleanPrep FX for oily skin.
  • Good coverage foundation: Face Atelier Ultra Foundation
  • A brightening under eye concealer: Benefit Erase Paste for really dry skin or a new fave Lancome Teint Miracle for normal skin. Find it covers better than YSL's Touche Eclat. 
  • Blotting Powder and papers: To keep the shine away
  • Eye Primer: Urban Decay or Too Faced for drier lids and M.A.C. Eye Paint for oilier lids. You don't want your shadow fading or creasing.
  • Water-proof mascara: Self explanatory ;)
  • Lash curler: Open up those peepers especially if your lashes are straight and short.
  • Fake lashes: a must for brides! It will really transform your look and make your eyes stand out in photos. To keep it more natural choose one that suits your eye shape. 
  • Bronzer: Warms up the skin and is great as a natural contour. You don't want to look pale in photos. I like CARGO's blu_ray HD Bronzer or Benefit Hoola.
  • Blushes: Blush is essential for bringing life to your face. Don't shy away from it. Love CARGO Cannes and Make Up For Ever #7 for peach tones, CARGO Amalfi and Catalina and MUFE #4/5 for pinks, and NARS Douceur for neutral or natural tones. 
  • A finishing gloss: I say 'finishing" because these glosses don't alter the colour of the lipstick and finish the lips with the perfect amount of shine and shimmer. I have a lot of favourite lippies but I LOVE my Chanel Glossimers in Mica, shimmering pink, and Beige Guitare, shimmering peach. I use these glosses 90% of the time on my brides! 
(6)Most requested bridal makeup look? Any unusual requests.
The request I get the most is for a natural look with more emphasis on the eyes. A lot of brides like me to use neutral tones on the eyes, but still want fake lashes to add a little drama. Everything else on the face is kept soft and natural. I think the most unusual request I got was for a bright fuchsia lip. I wouldn't say it's unusual because I love a bright lip but it's not the most requested among brides. Overall, I always recommend a bride choose a look that is themselves but better. You don't want to look like a completely different person on your wedding day because you won't feel comfortable and it will show. 

(7) And for the bride that can't budget for a makeup artist, what advice can you give.
For the bride that can't budget for a makeup artist, I definitely recommend flipping through magazines and trying different looks on yourself. It's all about practicing. Once you find that perfect look practice, practice, practice! Especially if you'll be applying fake lashes yourself. You don't want to test this on your wedding day - it will more than likely be a complete mess. Even visit a beauty counter that has a good MUA that can try a look on you. If you like it, buy the products so you can replicate on your wedding day. Bring a camera with you too so you can capture the look for future reference. And if you have a bit of money to play with I highly recommend booking a lesson with a MUA. They will show you what products and techniques to use for wedding photography.

Hope that helped any of you brides-to-be.
Thank you Joy for sharing your expertise! xo
For more info visit The Joy of Makeup
(all pictures are property of The Jot of Makeup)

April 4, 2011

So I bought the Dress!

Priscilla of Boston, NYC (2nd Floor)
Last week, or was it a bit longer than that?... I found the dress! So, last Wednesday I went back to New York City and actually purchased my dream Melissa Sweet dress. Not disclosing any details, you'll just have to wait like the groom-to-be. Now, the whole process of buying the wedding dress can be a bit emotional yes, I admit it its not as easy as I thought. Reason, your opinion of what looks good on you is not how others see you. So, my advice go with your gut feeling! For my second appointment I took the parents, let me just add that my winning dress was not their first choice. Brides-to-be your parents have a very specific ideal look that might not be your ideal vision. But that's ok we are all entitled to our opinion and I will emphasis DO NOT bring an entourage when shopping for your dress. Although, a few days later my parents agreed the dress looks fantastic! Dress should arrive in July, as I'm doing my alterations in Canada I don't have to add the two months it can take to do fittings. As for budget....so whatever you budget for the dress remember your going to break it so perhaps aim low. I went over by $1000, yeah I know but in my opinion well worth it as I've never seen any bride in my dress. Another suggestion, if you do go over your budget you can always re-sell your dress online or at a consignment shop after the big day. I was surprised at the quality of re-sell gowns that are available, really good however sizing can be an issue but nothing too major if you have a great seamstress.
Share your wedding dress stories? Or a friend's...
Priscilla of Boston
264 West 40th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY
(212) 997-3956
By Appointment
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