October 24, 2012

Farewell from bonitabride!

Its my last cup of coffee here at bonitabride and wanted to thank you for stopping by. As the wedding was last October all things Wedding related have died down here and now looking forward to the next chapters in our lives.
Come visit me at my other blog beautyparler.ca! And keep this one bookmarked for Wedding related topics.
Hope you have enjoyed my wedding planning and thank you for all your comments and ideas.
a BIG thank you to all the vendors, without your wedding wisdom & your ability to create our vision none of  this would be possible!
(images: Clint Russel of Renaissance Studios)

August 20, 2012

how to number your wedding tables {decor}

Things are wrapping up here at bonitabride! 
However, before I close-up here I wanted to wrap up with last minute details that you can use at your Wedding.
Table Numbers:
Table numbers are one area in the wedding that tend to get neglected. However, its one detail that is easy to personalize. Being that my husband and I are both from the Toronto area, our surrounding area played a big part in our dating. Many streets had significant meaning for us, we did date for 12 years, so wasn't hard choosing significant street names. 
All the street names we choose were not randomly chosen, each one had a memory connected to it. In the example above Mississauga Rd was where I went to University and where we would meet-up sometimes for lunch dates.
Guest List:
The guest list was a brainstorming nightmare, I had so many ideas on how to display the guest list and tie it in with the rest of the wedding and make it easy for guests to find their tables.
As we had alot of little favors for our guests we also wanted to make them multi-functional.
I happened upon these cute little burlap bags at Creative Bag; awesome place for party decor/gift wrapping/party favors. Since, we gave our guests coffee as their main wedding favor the mini burlap bags were perfect to tie-in the coffee theme. 
To include my Portuguese heritage, almonds were placed in each bag, in the Portuguese culture (as is popular in Italian and Greek cultures too) almonds have significance. Printed on the back of the label;
Five almonds signify five wishes for the new husband and wife
These wishes are health, wealth, happiness, children, and a long life.

TIP: brainstorm early in the wedding planning, try to thing of everything that is need. My original idea was to have a fireplace mantel with all the guest list hanging from it. But once I found these mini-burlap bags everything changed. So, keep an open mind and don't get stuck on an idea or it will drive you crazy searching for resources.

Have you seen any interesting table numbers at Weddings? Do tell.

July 15, 2012

To Sell or Not to Sell {wardrobe dept}

After the Wedding I always assumed I'd sell "the Dress". Thinking that I wouldn't actually get emotionally attached to a garment. However, this garment is not just any garment. The Dress is such an integral part of the wedding planning process and the marketing of the importance of finding the Dress is instilled in every bride since a young age.
Perhaps because the search for the Dress was such a process and the fact that I travelled to New York City to purchase it at the now closed Priscilla of Boston. After the wedding I had the dress dry cleaned at a cost of $500, yes add the cleaning expenses to your budget. At the dry cleaners the owners who have been in the business for over 40 years, Courtesy Gown Preservation, suggested I sell it as it was such a timeless dress and great quality.

The question is; to Sell or Not to Sell? I'm leaning toward not to sell. What did you do with your wedding dress after the big day? 
(images: Renaissance Studios)

July 6, 2012

Newlywed Photoshoot: a new trend?

Perhaps my husband & I started a new trend? Nine months after our wedding we finally had the time for our "engagement shoot". Due to scheduling we didn't have the chance to have our engagement shoot before the wedding so why not afterwards! We had so much fun, stress-free, and we also got to showcase our first home together as the photoshoot took place at our place and a park near by.
Here are a few props:
Brides-to-Be: did you know there is a helium shortage in the Toronto area? It took me 3 hours to find a balloon place that actually had helium and when I finally did it cost me $16.00 for one heart-shaped 36" balloon.  Which by the way popped in the car on the way home...
Did you have engagement pictures taken? Anyone else after the wedding?

June 4, 2012

from vision to reality {Wedding Decor}

It was last year, June 2011, that I was completing the final look for the wedding. The look; vintage glam with a contemporary flare in shade of purple and pewter. Fortunately, I found a decorator who was able to execute my vision perfectly. Dina Da Costa from Designs by Dina was able to gather my thoughts, and lots of magazine tears, to achieve the final look. She also provided the flowers including the bridal bouquet, if your able to find a decorator that does both book it! You will save your self alot of stress plus it prevents a clash between two services. If your florist hasn't captured your vision or vice-versa you can have two distinct looks, especially if the florist also does the centrepieces and not the decorator.
my gorgeous bouquet
centrepieces that guests took home (they had to win it of course)
I have the tall vase & branches, which are now in my new home filled with other flowers

orginally the backdrop was suppose to be shelves flanked by two tall trees but that didn't work out. Keep an open mind! Sometimes you need a Plan B...
The "Mr & Mrs" letters were purchased at Walmart

The drama; the decorator had alot on her plate. Why? The banquet hall was not the prettiest, which I knew already, but they have the most delicious Portuguese food. This meant that the decor had to hide everything else I didn't like. The hall has the ugliest ceiling, normally there is drapery that hangs from the ceiling. However, being that I've been to countless weddings there (including my sister's) I wanted a different look and vibe. Not only did I have to ask the hall to take down the ceiling drapes but I had to pay a charge, hence, three gorgeous cascading crystal pieces were hung.  Oh! But there was drama behind the scenes, but only me and the decorator can laugh about it now (atleast I hope she can laugh about it now). Not between the decorator and I....other folks, I'll leave it at that! Trust me, there is a bit of drama at every wedding and not everything will go according to plan. Just remember to enjoy the day and let everything else slide. The groom and I did!
For more info:
(images: Renaissance Studios)

May 8, 2012

dressed to Marry! {Theodore 1922}

A bride has endless choices of bridal boutiques but where does a groom go to shop for a suit or tuxedo? In Toronto, Theodore 1922, where owner Miranda Black will greet you along with Chloe the friendly watch dog.
Chloe, the friendly watch dog
Back in September with just a little over a month till the wedding the groom was ready to go suit shopping. We decided that a suit and not a rental is the choice that made more sense. Originally, the groom wanted a grey suit. He looked around....One afternoon we both remembered a menswear shop in the Annex area of Toronto, eureka moment! Thinking it was close to closing time I called and Miranda answered, "how fast can you get here?". Basically, she stayed opened just for us. Having worked in retail myself I was so impressed with her personalized service and menswear knowledge we bought that night. I didn't think grooms had that feeling brides do when finding THE dress but he too had THAT moment. We settled on a black suit (which was tailored) by the brand Sand, a tuxedo shirt by ETON, and a black bow tie (did you know that bow ties are only to be worn after 5pm?). Who knew?

Do prefer a rental or owned suit/tuxedo?
For more shopping info:
497 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON
(416) 850-0175
ask for Miranda!
(images: my own except for the groom's suit by Renaissance Studios)

April 29, 2012

a Fine & Dandy Groom {wardrobe dept}

Looking for that special pocket square? Maybe socks? A groom's accessories are just as important as a bride's.  So, when I was looking for that special pocket square and socks to match the wedding colour scheme I knew where to look, Fine & Dandy Shop. Run by two of the most stylish men in New York City and who happen to be my friends, Fine & Dandy owners Matt and Enrique were my only choice.
the stylish Matt
the other stylish dandy, Enrique

Compared to what the shop carries we were a bit conservative and a tad boring with the choice of purple but it matched the colour scheme of the wedding plus the quality is fantastic, 100% silk & hand stitched edge.
 a four shades 
As for the socks, just a matching purple pair. Originally I was hoping the groom would wear an argyle pair but he decided to stay within the colour scheme and opted for tone on tone. Which is cool as he didn't want to draw attention to his socks...
Is your groom as involved in choosing his accessories as mine was? His suit was purchased from a local menshop here in Toronto, post to come this week.
For more info on Fine & Dandy visit:
Fine&Dandy on facebook
Fine&Dandy blog
they ship internationally! Check their shop for more info on shipping details.
(images of groom by Renaissance Studios, all other images property of Fine&DandyShop)

April 24, 2012

Something Blue {OPI nailpolish}

Looking for that something blue to wear on your wedding day? Why not a subtle blue shade on your nails as seen at New York International Bridal Week. Models at the Angel Sanchez show walked down the runway wearing OPI nail laquer in shade I Don't Give a Rotterdam!, a shimmery steel blue shade.
What do you think of wearing blue on your nails on your wedding day? Perhaps for your bridesmaids? If not so daring as a shade for your toes.
(images from Angel Sanchez, photographer: Dan Lecca courtesy of Langton Communications) 

April 20, 2012

a photoshoot on a rainy day {La Merceria Coffee House}

Being that my husband and I are not exactly conventional we wanted our wedding day pictures to reflect our everyday lives. And as we are big coffee drinkers we chose a coffee shop for our backdrop for our wedding day pictures. Coffee was also a big theme in our wedding, our wedding favors were coffee!
It also allowed us to embrace my husband's parents' culture, they are from Colombia. Therefore, Colombian coffee was an easy choice. Our wedding favors were purchased from La Merceria, the owner Sandra who happens to be from Colombia too, has the cutest little café in downtown Toronto. The café happened to be down the street from the church we got married so it was an easy walk to our photoshoot. The café also provided shelter in case of rain, which it did rain on our day!
La Merceria, was a little retreat on our day. Not only was it rainy but chilly but a warm latte was a welcome treat!
And of course nothing sweeter than a kiss!

La Merceria
506 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, ON
blog: La Merceria, Sandra shares all her daily pleasures in her cute blog
(photography: Renaissance Studios)

April 18, 2012

I'm hanging around...

Hello Beautiful Brides-to-Be! I'm back for a few more posts as I want to share all the details that made my day so special. I do admit that once the day had come I was also happy to have the wedding planning over with. Wedding planning had consumed my life and there is such a relief once its over. However, while you can enjoy it because its part of the wedding process and you'll have comic relief afterwards, believe me there are behind-the-scene stories at every wedding.
Last year I had blogged about personalized bride hangers, here! It was one detail that I loved! Also, if you do go with a personalized hanger order well in advance. Try to get all the little details ordered well before your wedding as its one less item to worry about. Although I didn't go with a personalized name on my hanger I loved the simplicity of 'Bride'.
To purchase etsy.com of course:
seller aressa from her cute shop Original Bridal Hanger

(photography: Clint Russell of Renaisance Studios)

March 3, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Its a cloudy Saturday here in Toronto, similar to my Wedding day but that didn't stop me from having fun!
Enjoy your weekend no matter the weather.
(photography: Renaissance Studios)

February 26, 2012

Happy Sunday & Happy Pictures {wedding pictures}

Hello Bonita Bride readers, so excited to announce my wedding pictures have been edited and finalized. Yes, it can take 12-14 weeks after the wedding for the amazing Renaissance Studios team to work their magic. But well worth it!! Here are just a few images, hoping to finalize a few posts here and Bonita Bride will end. Hopefully, I've helped a few brides-to-be to get inspired! Planning can be a stressful period but all worth it, just know that not everything will flow perfectly but those little bumps will be laughable afterwards. One of my regrets is not having more pictures with my immediate family at our home before leaving for the Church, however so much falls on the shoulders of a bride that you can't do it all. Just remember to breathe and take it all in!

(images: Renaissance Studios, decor: Designs by Dina)

January 27, 2012

Time is All you Need

Giambattista Valli Spring 2012 Couture
I remember last January my search began for the Wedding Dress and by this time last year I had the banquet hall and church booked. Looking back in hindsight I think I should have given myself more than a year to prepare but I really wouldn't have changed much about the Big Day! It was really a matter of time management...I will be sharing with you more details I promise but without the actual images from the photographer not much at the moment to visually post. Professional pictures take up to 14 weeks after the wedding to get, each picture is edited. So imagine more than 500 images retouched? Whew!
For a little wardrobe inspirations the Couture Fashion Shows are always a delight to look at and here are just a few lovely images.
Valentino Spring 2012 Couture
Giambattista Valli Spring 2012 Couture
(all images via style.com)
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