June 4, 2012

from vision to reality {Wedding Decor}

It was last year, June 2011, that I was completing the final look for the wedding. The look; vintage glam with a contemporary flare in shade of purple and pewter. Fortunately, I found a decorator who was able to execute my vision perfectly. Dina Da Costa from Designs by Dina was able to gather my thoughts, and lots of magazine tears, to achieve the final look. She also provided the flowers including the bridal bouquet, if your able to find a decorator that does both book it! You will save your self alot of stress plus it prevents a clash between two services. If your florist hasn't captured your vision or vice-versa you can have two distinct looks, especially if the florist also does the centrepieces and not the decorator.
my gorgeous bouquet
centrepieces that guests took home (they had to win it of course)
I have the tall vase & branches, which are now in my new home filled with other flowers

orginally the backdrop was suppose to be shelves flanked by two tall trees but that didn't work out. Keep an open mind! Sometimes you need a Plan B...
The "Mr & Mrs" letters were purchased at Walmart

The drama; the decorator had alot on her plate. Why? The banquet hall was not the prettiest, which I knew already, but they have the most delicious Portuguese food. This meant that the decor had to hide everything else I didn't like. The hall has the ugliest ceiling, normally there is drapery that hangs from the ceiling. However, being that I've been to countless weddings there (including my sister's) I wanted a different look and vibe. Not only did I have to ask the hall to take down the ceiling drapes but I had to pay a charge, hence, three gorgeous cascading crystal pieces were hung.  Oh! But there was drama behind the scenes, but only me and the decorator can laugh about it now (atleast I hope she can laugh about it now). Not between the decorator and I....other folks, I'll leave it at that! Trust me, there is a bit of drama at every wedding and not everything will go according to plan. Just remember to enjoy the day and let everything else slide. The groom and I did!
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(images: Renaissance Studios)

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