July 15, 2012

To Sell or Not to Sell {wardrobe dept}

After the Wedding I always assumed I'd sell "the Dress". Thinking that I wouldn't actually get emotionally attached to a garment. However, this garment is not just any garment. The Dress is such an integral part of the wedding planning process and the marketing of the importance of finding the Dress is instilled in every bride since a young age.
Perhaps because the search for the Dress was such a process and the fact that I travelled to New York City to purchase it at the now closed Priscilla of Boston. After the wedding I had the dress dry cleaned at a cost of $500, yes add the cleaning expenses to your budget. At the dry cleaners the owners who have been in the business for over 40 years, Courtesy Gown Preservation, suggested I sell it as it was such a timeless dress and great quality.

The question is; to Sell or Not to Sell? I'm leaning toward not to sell. What did you do with your wedding dress after the big day? 
(images: Renaissance Studios)

July 6, 2012

Newlywed Photoshoot: a new trend?

Perhaps my husband & I started a new trend? Nine months after our wedding we finally had the time for our "engagement shoot". Due to scheduling we didn't have the chance to have our engagement shoot before the wedding so why not afterwards! We had so much fun, stress-free, and we also got to showcase our first home together as the photoshoot took place at our place and a park near by.
Here are a few props:
Brides-to-Be: did you know there is a helium shortage in the Toronto area? It took me 3 hours to find a balloon place that actually had helium and when I finally did it cost me $16.00 for one heart-shaped 36" balloon.  Which by the way popped in the car on the way home...
Did you have engagement pictures taken? Anyone else after the wedding?
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