September 28, 2011

hair department {Eva Therese Studios}

Big question: down or up-do? Not disclosing so you'll have to see after the big day. Can't give away all my wedding secrets. But I will let you in on one hair secret... my go-to hairstylist for shiny beautiful hair, Eva Therese. She has "magic" hands, I could literally fall asleep in her chair. Normally when I go for a blow-out a salon I can feel the hairstylist tugging and pulling on my hair to get it straight but with Eva I can't even feel her working on my hair, amazing! And she loves talking beauty and hair products, so as a beauty blogger endless beauty talk is always on the agenda.
Check out a few of her clients

photo credit: Jeremy Clay

I've had two trials: up-do & down
Decisions, Decisions!
Find Eva Therese Studios on Facebook & her blog
Lots more pictures of her work!
(images: Eve Therese Studios)

September 26, 2011

the Final Cut {invitations}

With three weeks to go Wedding planning is coming to a near end. Cannot believe how time flies when planning a wedding, with less than a year the process has been somewhat smooth. The key is to use your time efficiently and thankfully with my work schedule it all worked out. Here is the final cut of the wedding invitations, overall I'm very happy with the way they came out. I would've tweaked a few things like ink and paper colour for the inside of the pocket folder but in the end your guests wouldn't know this (maybe now when reading the blog). And keep that in mind, don't freak out about little details your guests don't know your vision so overall presentation will {hopefully} look beautiful!
labels made by Buddy + Bean

Invitations by The Invitation Place
With today's social networking I realize that a few couples are going the evite route but I love the look and feel of getting invitations in the mail. What are your thoughts; paper or electronic invitations? 

September 9, 2011

To Veil or Not to Veil?

To wear a veil or not to wear a veil, that is the question? The fiance wants a bow, yes that's right a bow...ok can look very fashionably pretty if done right but I think that look works well on a very retro 50's style dress as my dress is a little more vintage looking than that decade I'd prefer a veil. Keep in mind I want to remove the veil & add a bit of bling bling afterwards...Can't give away too much info my fiance actually reads this!

Marisol Aparicio

oddly enough I really like this vintage looking mannequin's hair colour & of course the veil!

Big question which to choose?

September 8, 2011

Just a Girl after all

Just as the dress is an integral part of the Wedding day so is the apparel that comes beforehand. I'm not referring to intimate wear (that will be another post) but the morning of the wedding...How fabulous it is to be a girl, just wake-up & throw on a little pretty something!
kimono-style wraps from UnderWrapz
personalized robe from Chrissy's Creations
I love them all, which to choose?

September 7, 2011

Shoe shopping in London

If you remember back in March I {thought} I found my heels for the big day...however they were purchased before I had found my dress and the reality is they don't exactly match with the style of my dress. So, I'm back to heel hunting!
Recently in London I went to Harrods in hopes of finding heels...but either heels are way too high {what's up with that?} or too low as in "only Aunt Hilda would buy that low of a kitten heel". And of course way to expense, seriously who buys heels for close to $1000? Not a bride on a budget, yes even one that has gone above her initial estimate.
Casadei heels

Rene Caovilla (OMG! The soles of these heels are gorgeous, sparkly grey!)
Christian Dior (these would be perfect but they are way too high)
the Dior booties are fabulous but wouldn't exactly match my gown's style
I think these Valentino might be it!! Rather find them in Toronto.
Any suggestions?

September 2, 2011


Finally I have the dress now time to accessorize! Would love to wear a veil for the church ceremony and then after the veil is off for the party either add a fascinator or vintage clip. One of my favourite shops for veil inspiration (still on the fence ordering online as I'd prefer seeing it in person) is Twigs & Honey...seriously gorgeous items.
Love the veil cap look! Not sure if I could pull it off though...

(images via Twigs & Honey)
What's your take on the traditional veil or go with a headpiece?
Photography credits: Elizabeth Messina
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