September 28, 2011

hair department {Eva Therese Studios}

Big question: down or up-do? Not disclosing so you'll have to see after the big day. Can't give away all my wedding secrets. But I will let you in on one hair secret... my go-to hairstylist for shiny beautiful hair, Eva Therese. She has "magic" hands, I could literally fall asleep in her chair. Normally when I go for a blow-out a salon I can feel the hairstylist tugging and pulling on my hair to get it straight but with Eva I can't even feel her working on my hair, amazing! And she loves talking beauty and hair products, so as a beauty blogger endless beauty talk is always on the agenda.
Check out a few of her clients

photo credit: Jeremy Clay

I've had two trials: up-do & down
Decisions, Decisions!
Find Eva Therese Studios on Facebook & her blog
Lots more pictures of her work!
(images: Eve Therese Studios)


Cammila said...

Um, what if you have short hair? Do you still get to choose? ;)

I guess we'll see what I have to work with by the time my date approaches. Eve's work is beautiful.

beautyparler said...

Short hair just add a gorgeous fascinator.

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