September 26, 2011

the Final Cut {invitations}

With three weeks to go Wedding planning is coming to a near end. Cannot believe how time flies when planning a wedding, with less than a year the process has been somewhat smooth. The key is to use your time efficiently and thankfully with my work schedule it all worked out. Here is the final cut of the wedding invitations, overall I'm very happy with the way they came out. I would've tweaked a few things like ink and paper colour for the inside of the pocket folder but in the end your guests wouldn't know this (maybe now when reading the blog). And keep that in mind, don't freak out about little details your guests don't know your vision so overall presentation will {hopefully} look beautiful!
labels made by Buddy + Bean

Invitations by The Invitation Place
With today's social networking I realize that a few couples are going the evite route but I love the look and feel of getting invitations in the mail. What are your thoughts; paper or electronic invitations? 


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