March 28, 2011

and the Winner is...{Melissa Sweet Collection}

After two months of pounding the pavement looking for the Dress, it only took a mini-getaway to New York city to find it. On this particular day I was feeling a bit optimistic, as the process of looking for a dress was already becoming tiresome. Off to Priscilla of Boston I went, it was my last appointment for the day.  Walking along West 40th Street I happened to look up and there on the 2nd floor was my oasis. Not being a New Yorker and looking for addresses can be a bit time consuming and thankfully my fiancé's map skills are superb. No he didn't see the dress, he stayed tucked away in the waiting area. The fitting rooms are very spacious so there was no need for me to do a runway walk. My consultant, Farizeh was the sweetest! I already had picked out a few styles I liked so it was just a matter of trying them on. What I really liked about Farizeh was that she was relaxed but excited too, so the whole process felt fresh and new. Remember, I had been looking for a dress for two months. So, I was a professional by this point and knew exactly what to expect. We laughed and joked about how we were forming, "a relationship".
And the winner...its so true that when you find the dress you just know. Without giving away too many details, the dress is from the Melissa Sweet Collection. The whole collection is feminine, romantic, and pretty. Now, I just have to crunch the numbers as I went over my budget. I haven't placed the order yet as I'm still trying to work out the logistics of having to travel back and forth to New York. And now I am on a time restraint as the wedding is six months away...these next couple of days I have alot to think about. Oh yeah where are the pictures right? With all the excitement I forgot to take pictures of the store front and of the dress, no pictures anyway its a surprise. Plus, no picture taking in the fitting rooms (which is the norm in alot of bridal boutiques).
Priscilla of Boston
264 West 40th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY
(212) 997-3956
By Appointment

Pronovias {NYC appointment}

After my last post I was a bit disappointed that I hadn't found anything yet in New York city. The next day I had two booked appointments, one which was at Pronovias. Nicole, the consultant was a pleasure to work with. She had such a cool, positive vibe, it was like going shopping with a friend. She grabbed the styles I requested and brought in a few she thought I'd like which turned out to be one of my runner-up choices, style Festin. Runner-up, because my second appointment at a different store turned out to be The Dress (more details to follow). Although, I didn't find the One at Pronovias I wanted to share my wonderful experience at the store as you should seriously consider Pronovias as one of your go-to-stores for bridal wear.
style Aranda
The Pronovias style Aranda, I had been carrying around a ripped sheet from the Pronovias catalogue of this style of dress since September 2010. I wasn't even engaged yet but fell in love with this dress. Well, we don't always look good in what we envision ourselves in. And this dress was a flop for me! Don't you hate when that happens?

Pronovias NYC
14 East 52 ND Street
NY, New York
(212) 897-6393

March 24, 2011

Kleinfeld {a quick recap of NYC}

So I'm here in New York City, at the end of a long day, had an appointment today at the famous Kleinfeld Bridal store made famous by TLC's Say Yes to the Dress.  Had a one-on-one with consultant Sarah who actually is a regular consultant on the show. Sweet and helpful, although me on the other-hand just can't seem to find that "one dress". Actually, its kinda getting embarrassing. Perhaps, I'm not the type to get emotional when searching for the dress. The whole process is becoming tedious and non-enjoyable. On a side note, I've booked two appointments tomorrow; at Priscilla of Boston and Pronovias. Therefore, I'll be back soon to post my New York experience. Lots more pictures to come!
P.S-on a side note, the bridal gowns back in Toronto that are my faves are proving to be top choices.

March 15, 2011

What's hanging? {personalized hangers)

How cute are these personalized hangers? So cute, right! Wardrobe pictures from your special day are essential, since we brides-to-be take forever finding the perfect dress (ok maybe its just me) a special hanger is justified.

(images via, click on sellers name beneath images)

Alexander McQueen Fall 2011{Bridal wear Inspiration}

A little bridal wear inspiration from the runway, Alexander McQueen Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear Collection. How fabulous! Brides to-be where do you get your inspiration from?

Photo: Yannis Vlamos / via

March 10, 2011

invites, done! {sneakpeak}

Invites ordered! Choosing the invitation vendor, The Invitation Place was easy. Although I had liked a few other vendors, Alison from The Invitation Place, just had a spark I liked. She left the corporate world to embark on creating her own business, her drive and enthusiasm is what attracted me to her products. She's passionate about what she does and is easy to talk to. The last point is extremely important when deciding on which vendor to choose, why? Because in the wedding industry your vision of your wedding is essential in trying to achieve the finished product, in all aspects of wedding planning. The key is communication, isn't that always the key!
Basically my colour theme is a dusty purple, pewter, and cream. So from there I was able to choose the style of invites I wanted. The above image is the sample of paper and ink chosen, the final product will still take a few weeks and sorry but the final product won't be shown until my guests receive them in the mail. Can't share everything with guests won't have any surprises!
Also, I loved the motif of the pocket envelope because it reminded me of embroidery from Portugal (specifically from the Viana do Castelo area of which my parents are from). Yes, I'm a sucker for attention to detail.
So, what do you think?

March 7, 2011

bridal heels found...maybe {wardrobe dept}

So I think these two-toned heels might be IT!! I was in Sao Paulo, Brazil this past weekend. For those that follow my other blog you'll know I'm a flight attendant and one of the perks of my job is shopping! I found these pretty things while window shopping in the Jardins areas of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Most stores are closed Sunday but Arrezzo was opened and the last pair was waiting for me. Reason I say they're a maybe pair is I don't have a dress yet but I'm pretty sure they will work with the style of dress I'm looking for...
What do you think Bridal wardrobe material?

March 2, 2011

Claire La Faye {bridal dresses}

So I was browsing etsy (of fave) & did a search for wedding gowns, glad that I did as I came across Claire La Faye. Portland based Claire La Faye officially entered the bridal gown realm in 2010, her designs have been worn by Dita Von Teese. Her bridal gowns are both feminine and romantic, in love with...

So pretty. So romantic. So bonita bride...
check out Claire La Faye's site & her etsy site

(images via Claire La Faye, photography by LavendaMemory, Brittney McChristy, Brandon Witzel, Angela Marklew)
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