March 10, 2011

invites, done! {sneakpeak}

Invites ordered! Choosing the invitation vendor, The Invitation Place was easy. Although I had liked a few other vendors, Alison from The Invitation Place, just had a spark I liked. She left the corporate world to embark on creating her own business, her drive and enthusiasm is what attracted me to her products. She's passionate about what she does and is easy to talk to. The last point is extremely important when deciding on which vendor to choose, why? Because in the wedding industry your vision of your wedding is essential in trying to achieve the finished product, in all aspects of wedding planning. The key is communication, isn't that always the key!
Basically my colour theme is a dusty purple, pewter, and cream. So from there I was able to choose the style of invites I wanted. The above image is the sample of paper and ink chosen, the final product will still take a few weeks and sorry but the final product won't be shown until my guests receive them in the mail. Can't share everything with guests won't have any surprises!
Also, I loved the motif of the pocket envelope because it reminded me of embroidery from Portugal (specifically from the Viana do Castelo area of which my parents are from). Yes, I'm a sucker for attention to detail.
So, what do you think?


Nelia - Style Blog said...

Monica, you've got to step it up! I want more posts please!!! I am freaking addicted to wedding stuff! MORE!!!

beautyparler said...

oh the pressure! Nelia-I'm planning this thing you know LOL! Takes time:)
Hopefully, later today. Thanks for visiting!!

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