March 28, 2011

and the Winner is...{Melissa Sweet Collection}

After two months of pounding the pavement looking for the Dress, it only took a mini-getaway to New York city to find it. On this particular day I was feeling a bit optimistic, as the process of looking for a dress was already becoming tiresome. Off to Priscilla of Boston I went, it was my last appointment for the day.  Walking along West 40th Street I happened to look up and there on the 2nd floor was my oasis. Not being a New Yorker and looking for addresses can be a bit time consuming and thankfully my fiancé's map skills are superb. No he didn't see the dress, he stayed tucked away in the waiting area. The fitting rooms are very spacious so there was no need for me to do a runway walk. My consultant, Farizeh was the sweetest! I already had picked out a few styles I liked so it was just a matter of trying them on. What I really liked about Farizeh was that she was relaxed but excited too, so the whole process felt fresh and new. Remember, I had been looking for a dress for two months. So, I was a professional by this point and knew exactly what to expect. We laughed and joked about how we were forming, "a relationship".
And the winner...its so true that when you find the dress you just know. Without giving away too many details, the dress is from the Melissa Sweet Collection. The whole collection is feminine, romantic, and pretty. Now, I just have to crunch the numbers as I went over my budget. I haven't placed the order yet as I'm still trying to work out the logistics of having to travel back and forth to New York. And now I am on a time restraint as the wedding is six months away...these next couple of days I have alot to think about. Oh yeah where are the pictures right? With all the excitement I forgot to take pictures of the store front and of the dress, no pictures anyway its a surprise. Plus, no picture taking in the fitting rooms (which is the norm in alot of bridal boutiques).
Priscilla of Boston
264 West 40th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY
(212) 997-3956
By Appointment


dani@callitbeauty said...

omg, the collection is amazing!

i've always been a fan of melissa sweet's dresses and i'm sure the dress you chose is just stunning. and i bet you'd look beautiful in it, too :)

beautyparler said...

Aww thanks! Yes, love the collection. Although the one I picked is not in that line-up.

Make-up Junkie said...

OMG the collection is stunning and so you - I love all the feminine romantic details. I hope you get your dream dress!!

beautyparler said...

Thanks! I hope so too. Have a feeling its going to be alot of work due to travel. Afraid of going way over my budget:( Yikes!

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