March 28, 2011

Pronovias {NYC appointment}

After my last post I was a bit disappointed that I hadn't found anything yet in New York city. The next day I had two booked appointments, one which was at Pronovias. Nicole, the consultant was a pleasure to work with. She had such a cool, positive vibe, it was like going shopping with a friend. She grabbed the styles I requested and brought in a few she thought I'd like which turned out to be one of my runner-up choices, style Festin. Runner-up, because my second appointment at a different store turned out to be The Dress (more details to follow). Although, I didn't find the One at Pronovias I wanted to share my wonderful experience at the store as you should seriously consider Pronovias as one of your go-to-stores for bridal wear.
style Aranda
The Pronovias style Aranda, I had been carrying around a ripped sheet from the Pronovias catalogue of this style of dress since September 2010. I wasn't even engaged yet but fell in love with this dress. Well, we don't always look good in what we envision ourselves in. And this dress was a flop for me! Don't you hate when that happens?

Pronovias NYC
14 East 52 ND Street
NY, New York
(212) 897-6393


Babybubblz said...

Congrats on finding THE dress =)
Thanks for sharing, these dresses are GORGEOUS.

beautyparler said...

Yes, they are & Pronovias has such an array of collections to fit every budget.

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