August 20, 2012

how to number your wedding tables {decor}

Things are wrapping up here at bonitabride! 
However, before I close-up here I wanted to wrap up with last minute details that you can use at your Wedding.
Table Numbers:
Table numbers are one area in the wedding that tend to get neglected. However, its one detail that is easy to personalize. Being that my husband and I are both from the Toronto area, our surrounding area played a big part in our dating. Many streets had significant meaning for us, we did date for 12 years, so wasn't hard choosing significant street names. 
All the street names we choose were not randomly chosen, each one had a memory connected to it. In the example above Mississauga Rd was where I went to University and where we would meet-up sometimes for lunch dates.
Guest List:
The guest list was a brainstorming nightmare, I had so many ideas on how to display the guest list and tie it in with the rest of the wedding and make it easy for guests to find their tables.
As we had alot of little favors for our guests we also wanted to make them multi-functional.
I happened upon these cute little burlap bags at Creative Bag; awesome place for party decor/gift wrapping/party favors. Since, we gave our guests coffee as their main wedding favor the mini burlap bags were perfect to tie-in the coffee theme. 
To include my Portuguese heritage, almonds were placed in each bag, in the Portuguese culture (as is popular in Italian and Greek cultures too) almonds have significance. Printed on the back of the label;
Five almonds signify five wishes for the new husband and wife
These wishes are health, wealth, happiness, children, and a long life.

TIP: brainstorm early in the wedding planning, try to thing of everything that is need. My original idea was to have a fireplace mantel with all the guest list hanging from it. But once I found these mini-burlap bags everything changed. So, keep an open mind and don't get stuck on an idea or it will drive you crazy searching for resources.

Have you seen any interesting table numbers at Weddings? Do tell.

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