April 18, 2012

I'm hanging around...

Hello Beautiful Brides-to-Be! I'm back for a few more posts as I want to share all the details that made my day so special. I do admit that once the day had come I was also happy to have the wedding planning over with. Wedding planning had consumed my life and there is such a relief once its over. However, while you can enjoy it because its part of the wedding process and you'll have comic relief afterwards, believe me there are behind-the-scene stories at every wedding.
Last year I had blogged about personalized bride hangers, here! It was one detail that I loved! Also, if you do go with a personalized hanger order well in advance. Try to get all the little details ordered well before your wedding as its one less item to worry about. Although I didn't go with a personalized name on my hanger I loved the simplicity of 'Bride'.
To purchase etsy.com of course:
seller aressa from her cute shop Original Bridal Hanger

(photography: Clint Russell of Renaisance Studios)

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