April 20, 2012

a photoshoot on a rainy day {La Merceria Coffee House}

Being that my husband and I are not exactly conventional we wanted our wedding day pictures to reflect our everyday lives. And as we are big coffee drinkers we chose a coffee shop for our backdrop for our wedding day pictures. Coffee was also a big theme in our wedding, our wedding favors were coffee!
It also allowed us to embrace my husband's parents' culture, they are from Colombia. Therefore, Colombian coffee was an easy choice. Our wedding favors were purchased from La Merceria, the owner Sandra who happens to be from Colombia too, has the cutest little café in downtown Toronto. The café happened to be down the street from the church we got married so it was an easy walk to our photoshoot. The café also provided shelter in case of rain, which it did rain on our day!
La Merceria, was a little retreat on our day. Not only was it rainy but chilly but a warm latte was a welcome treat!
And of course nothing sweeter than a kiss!

La Merceria
506 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, ON
blog: La Merceria, Sandra shares all her daily pleasures in her cute blog
(photography: Renaissance Studios)

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