February 26, 2012

Happy Sunday & Happy Pictures {wedding pictures}

Hello Bonita Bride readers, so excited to announce my wedding pictures have been edited and finalized. Yes, it can take 12-14 weeks after the wedding for the amazing Renaissance Studios team to work their magic. But well worth it!! Here are just a few images, hoping to finalize a few posts here and Bonita Bride will end. Hopefully, I've helped a few brides-to-be to get inspired! Planning can be a stressful period but all worth it, just know that not everything will flow perfectly but those little bumps will be laughable afterwards. One of my regrets is not having more pictures with my immediate family at our home before leaving for the Church, however so much falls on the shoulders of a bride that you can't do it all. Just remember to breathe and take it all in!

(images: Renaissance Studios, decor: Designs by Dina)


wedding photography toronto said...

wonderful images!

Sophie said...

Your wedding looks like absolutely gorgeous !! Where can we see more pictures ?!

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