November 1, 2011

Let them Eat Wedding Cake!

The Wedding Cake! Oh the story behind the cake...we just couldn't decide on the cake or let me state I couldn't decide on the final cake. Reason is that I wanted to honour the groom's family's Colombian heritage by having a traditional Colombian Wedding cake but I also wanted to incorporate our Canadian roots by having a traditional flavoured Wedding cake. So, we went from two cakes to one cake by incorporating both traditions and having a layer each of different cake. 
What is Colombian Wedding Cake:
recipe for torta negra (black cake)
450 grams turbinado sugar (demerara, light brown)
200 mls cognac
2 tsps baking soda (dissolved in a bit of warm water)
1 pinch ground cloves
120 grams powdered sugar
1 cup hazelnut (chopped)
1 pinch ground cinnamon
1 cup chopped walnuts
1 cup currant
200 grams softened butter
400 grams self rising flour
1 pinch ground nutmeg
400 mls red wine
1 tsp vanilla extract
(recipe from yummly therefore a slight varied version might have been used)
The other layers consisted of vanilla pound cake with a mix of  Dulce de Leche & chocolate ganache as filling, yummy indeed! So yummy that at the end of the night one layer went missing...the catering had left it out for us to take home. Well one lucky guest must have loved it so much...
The cake was baked by Delicias Gloria, we sat down and designed the cake ourselves. I think the end result came out beautiful and delicious!
(photography credit by Renaissance Studios)


B&B Brugge said...

OH Yummy Cake for wedding . really that's delicious look and superb posting . very nice your idea i love it

Wedding Themes said...

Yummy !!! It looks very delicious :P Mouthwatering cake.

wedding photographer toronto said...

I like the colors on the cake - would love a piece!

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