May 31, 2011

Bridal Makeup Photoshoot {behind the scenes}

I could get used to having my hair and makeup done plus having pictures taken...ok not so much the pictures I think I'm so awkward in front of the camera and I don't think I'm photogenic but hey pictures are an essential part of your wedding day so why not practice. Last month, makeup artist Joy from Joy of Makeup who I interviewed back in March held an Eco-Chic Bridal contest and I won. Here are a few pictures, the professional pictures will be posted at a later date.
a few inspirational magazine rip outs & the makeup shot with Revolution Organics
with photographer Carey Ann & hair/makeup Brianne
lots of laughs
with glowing makeup artist Joy & photographer Carey Ann
photographer Carey Ann & Brianne
What an amazing day, full of laughs, makeup tips and interesting hair products. Check out these talented ladies websites;
Joy of Makeup (check out her post from today's shoot)

Thank you ladies for an amazing day!
(images property of Joy of Makeup)


Make-up Junkie said...

Such a fun shoot! You were so awesome to work with - and you are photogenic! Can't wait for the wedding!

beautyparler said...

Thanks! Considering it was so hot we did good:-)

Anne Yang said...

Looks like fun! When do we see pics?


beautyparler said...

Anne-Once I get the pro pics I'll be posting:)

Nelia - Style Blog said...

Yay, Mon! You looked so pretty! Gorgeous lady!

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