May 28, 2011

the other half {groom's wardrobe}

So, some would say that after the bride the groom is the second best dressed. I'd like to think that both are equally important in the wardrobe department. Thankfully, my fiancé has fashionable taste so I'm not one to have to stress about what he's going to wear but I do offer suggestions....(ladies always remember wardrobe suggestions are friendly suggestions, no need to be a bridezilla. Its as much his day as it is the bride's)
Photography: Elizabeth Messina
Indochino custom-made suits
via GQ, photo Ben Watts
Tuxedo jacket and jeans by Alexander McQueen
Shirt by Dolce & Gabbana
Bow tie by Polo by Ralph Lauren
Sneakers by Balenciaga
Brandon Flowers of The Killers as seen in GQ
Photo by Paola Kudacki

Tuxedo by Burberry Prorsum
 Shirt by Dior Homme
Bow tie by Burberry
What's your groom-to-be wearing?

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