February 16, 2011

in the dressing room {K.I.S.S tips}

trying it on for size

Having gone to countless bridal boutiques I think I have the perfect fitting room attire tips. Let me break it down for you future brides, my motto is K.I.S.S, Keep It Simple Sister! Its Winter here in Canada, so this is what works for the cold weather.
-skip all the accessories! No need to look like Mr. T, a scarf (depending on weather will suffice) & your engagement ring
-sweater dresses are the easiest clothing item to get off & on (no brainer there)
-tights, I'm comfortable in my own skin but I'm not going for my routine full-body skin examination, the sales consultant doesn't have to be subjected at looking at my butt . Plus, the tights act like Spanx so I get a smoother silhouette.
-if no tights c'mon wear a nice panty. I'm a thong kinda gal but other cheeks have been in that gown too & same reason as above.
-wear some makeup, after all you will on the day of your wedding & you don't want to look like a ghost, dressing room lights can be awful & wash you out. However, your not going for a taping of the 6pm news so keep it natural. A bit of blush & mascara, perfect!
-bring a hair tie, your hairstyle can change your opinion of your dress.
-if possible, take pics of your favourite bridal dress choices. Just a couple, your not doing the next bridal campaign layout. Plus, a few stores won't allow any picture taking.
-And please don't take an entourage!! Worst mistakes brides-to-be make is bringing the whole village. Too many opinions.
Hope that helps! Please add more tips in the comment section.
(collage images via polyvore.com)


Make-up Junkie said...

Great tips! I so agree with wearing tights or a pretty full underwear - the thought of other cheeks in the dress grosses me out! And I totally agree with only taking a few people with you for opinions - have you watched Say Yes To The Dress?? Yikes!

YB* said...

I've got a post on my blog on wedding trends for Spring/Summer 2011; check it out:


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