February 23, 2011

keeping organized

Once I got the ring back in December 2010 I decided after the Holidays to get into full Wedding planning mode. Knowing perfectly well that most couples book vendors a year if not more in advance I knew I had to act quick! Fortunately, me and the groom-to-be had discussed getting engaged so I was prepared...sort of. Having never been the type to dream about fairy-tale weddings and being in my early thirties it wasn't like bride-to-be instinct kicked in. I knew what sort of theme I was going after, nouveau art deco chic, I love vintage so something along that theme. But the man has been away for business since January and will only return in March therefore I've been planning via text message with him. Not the easiest but he can't complain if he no like! My advice to brides-to-be, keep organized! Most of my inspiration boards are kept on my computer, this blog also helps, and the above image is what I use for paper trail. Contacts are kept in the filing card case, contracts in the folder, and bridal magazines stowed away neatly. I also use a wedding planner I received for free at a wedding show, not my favourite because its full of ads which I ripped out but I couldn't find any planner I liked.
How do you keep organized? Do share.

1 comment:

Anna @ IHOD said...

You are way more organized than I was! You rock! I did keep a binder full of inspirational images and ideas which was so helpful to narrow down what I wanted:)

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