June 17, 2011

what's your favor? {beau-coup}

bridal shower favors

bridal shower favors by beautyparler on Polyvore.com

Last week I ordered my bridal shower favors, well one part of the favor. I'm creating a little package. However, without divulging too much information (as I want an element of surpirse for my guests) I ordered from beau-coup and less than a week later my favors arrived! Which is amazing and you know what else is fantastic; Canada Postal workers are on strike, not so great (therefore my shower invites have yet to leave my desk) however;
(1)guess the strike doesn't matter as beau-coup used UPS (yay! I thought it was coming regular mail)
(2) shower is in August so I assumed favors would arrive in July
(3) product looks way better than expected-bonus!!
(4) got to order in P.J's with latte in hand
Stress level = 0
For more info:


Farah said...

oh awesome cant wait to see what they are :) im going to send this to my bm's who are planning mine tnx

beautyparler said...

Farah-you should be able to figure this one out...LOL & if so no telling. What do I love blogging about???

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